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Price: $15.99
Braintopia is a fast-paced brain bender comprised of eight different challenges testing your mental focus, flexibility, and speed. Up to six players race through a deck of cards, fighting to keep up with the ever-changing mini-games and each solve the puzzles faster than their opponents. Collect brain tokens by beating a single tactile challenge or claiming a pair of cards from any of the other seven games: memory, maze, color, coordination, duplicates, frequency, and reasoning. The first player to earn four brain tokens wins the game! 

LEGO Creative Toolbox Boost

SKU: LG17101
Brand: LEGO
Price: $169.99
LEGO Boost, from LEGO SYSTEMS, allows kids to combine classic building with advanced technology to amplify their creativity. Using a free tablet app, kids can follow step-by-step instructions to build and code any of the five multifunctional LEGO Boost models. 

Little Red Riding Hood Game

Brand: Smart Games
Price: $26.99
A great brain game for young children. 48 challenges plus a family-friendly picture book. 
Challenges utilize key cognitive skills. An ASTRA Best Toys for Kids Award winner. For Ages 4 and up, Easy to Expert Challenges.

Blue Sky White Stars

AuthorSarvinder Naberhaus
IllustratorKadir Nelson
PublisherDial Books
ISBN: 9780803737006
Format: Hardcover
An inspiring and patriotic tribute to the beauty of the American flag, a symbol of America's history, landscape, and people, illustrated by New York Times bestselling and Caldecott-honor winning artist Kadir Nelson. We have books with a double autograph - both author and illustrator -  for sale.

Little Excavator

AuthorAnna Dewdney
Publisher: Viking Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9781101999202
Format: Hardcover
Little Excavator wants to help the big rigs transform a vacant lot into a neighborhood park, but he is too small to get the job done! That is, until he finds a job that is a perfect Little E-sized task. Free tote bags with purchase while supply lasts.

Bulldozer Helps Out

AuthorCandace Fleming
IllustratorEric Rohmann
PublisherAtheneum Books
ISBN: 9781481458948
Format: Hardcover
Bulldozer proves that he can help on the construction site.