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Wish Lists are ideal for Birthdays, Holidays and Schools!  Here you can search for your recipient, or create your own list for others to view!  After you create your wish list, you can email it to family and friends!

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Create an account and log in to begin your own wish list

Steps to creating a wishlist:

1.    Create an e-kidscenter account

2.    Log-in using your username and password

3.    Go to "Shop Online" and select "Gift Registry"

4.    Click "Create Wish List" and build your wish list and enter your info

5.    Start Browsing!

6.    When you find an item you want to add to your wish list, select your wish list from the menu below that item and click "Add to wish list"

7.    When you are finished browsing, go to "Shop Online" and select "Gift Registry" once again.  All of your account's wish lists will be shown, and there you can email them to friends and family, or they can use your name and state or wish list number to search for your wish list!